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Corpus Juris is a corporate legal consultancy firm and offers litigation services to domestic and multinational clients. We are a group of competent and professional legal consultants that lends our services to individuals, entities and businesses across the globe. 

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Working for over 15 years, our experts know how to tackle various issues.

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The best legal backup that companies/organization needs.


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Capital Market

How does the capital market become such an important concept?

Corporate Restructuring

There are various reasons where you might need corporate restructuring.

Banking & Finance

We help businesses legally so that there’s never an issue that might crop up.

Corporate Governance

A set of rules and regulations that the company is governed with.

Debt Capital Market

The debt capital market is vast and complex with investment opportunities.

Energy, Infrastructure & Resources

Our entire economy is dependent upon this sector especially the travel and transportation industry.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution practices are prominent in the business world.

Professional And Experienced Legal Consultant

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Wide range of services

We are a highly dynamic and well efficient group that provides a range of services in the matters of Legal Due Diligence, Audit, Trademark Registration, Company Registration, Permits and Licenses, Corporate Restructuring, Copyrights, Intellectual Property Rights, Secretarial matter and any other legal solutions that might come in your way.ave mentioned above. Tell them why you are good!

Peace Of Mind

When you think about it, most of the company faces legal actions against them because of the loopholes in the legal framework. Corpus Juris provides you with the best legal backup that a company needs. It’s never about getting just a legal system but it is about getting the best professionals, experts and advisors on board to sort through all your legalities so that you can focus more on your business operations than hassling your way through papers and documents.


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