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With every going digital, the banking and finance sector are both governed by the State and the Federal Laws. When you open up your Gpay or Paytm account, do you feel how advanced the banking sector has come to? Previously the entire concept of banking was to stand in line and update your cheque books, give your cheques and wait for the money to transfer into your account in 3 to 5 business days. Now you can always find your money into your account within a few seconds. Now while we enjoy this luxury, the back-end processes and the laws that they have to abide with are huge and vast. The list of regulations, the number of norms and the huge size of documentation that need to be filed are quite a challenge.

Financial institutions and businesses have to follow the law and find themselves in the same situation and a weak legal backup will prove to be the bane of the company. Now while conducting businesses, there are various transactions that pop up like domestic loans, external commercial borrowing, acquisition finance, project finance, structured finance and re-financing transactions. Corpus Juris has put together a strong legal advisory group that solves all of these financial issues with creative and innovative solutions while abiding by the laws that are dictated by the financial regulators and boards. Banking and Finance sectors have become more modernistic and maybe it is time that we start abiding by the regulations put in place also. Corpus Juris wants to help businesses be legally strong so that there’s never an issue that might crop up.

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