Capital Market

Before we start discussing what exactly we do, let’s just understand what do you mean by this capital market? Why is it so important when it comes to businesses? And how does the capital market become such an important concept? When it comes to businesses, the capital market is a place where you can buy and sell your shares. It is  here you can help find investors who want to invest and also the perfect place that will help raise your capital. In the textbook definition, they are described as venues where savings and investments are channeled between the suppliers who have capital and those who are in need of capital.

Now the pace where everything can go south is when you have to obey the financial laws and regulations set by the Securities Board and Exchange Board of India. There are a range of services and facilities provided by them like IPO, right issues, offers for sale, private placements, QIB placements, FCCBs, Masala Bonds, REITs, INVITs, etc. During such transactions, there are certain norms that are followed so as to not create an error or any problems while dealing especially during takeovers, buy-backs, delisting, block/bulk trades, secondary share sale or purchase through public markets, securities litigation and so much more. Corpus Juris has on board the best legal professional and advisors that help you find a way through this entire system without any hassle. Getting all of this done and following the rules are quite difficult so it’s advised to have the best professionals to back you up and what’s better than Corpus Juris having your back all the way.

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