Analysis on Consumer Protection Act, 2019

The consumer protection act was a very important phenomenon when it was implemented back in 1986. If you see in that perspective, the consumers are the one that help run the entire business world and it is in the best interest of the company that they believe in the rule of customer satisfaction and help in increasing the customer loyalty of their firm. Now while that happens, you can see every other person for that matter consumer complaining about something that is wrong in the product and the product purchased was not worth the money spent. The consumers want their demands fulfilled and expectations surpassed and for that to happen there has to be certain norms and rules that the business entities that need to follow like giving them the right quantity or the right quality. The consumers expect something out of their purchase and for them to find that the product unsatisfactory makes them feel cheated.

With the new revolution of the digital era and with everything going online, there are also certain rules that the stores online need to follow and with that there are new additional rules and regulations that have been added to the old act. This new act is also known as the 2019 Act and let’s see what are the few prominent changes that we can expect.


E- Commerce and False advertisements- Previously, there were no inclusion of purchases and sales that were done online and thus this new addition came into picture. Following that advertisements that presented misleading information were also considered in the act.


Food Safety and Standards-

Well the laws for food safety and norms were stringent for physical stores; with the new rule coming in, these rules are also going to be applicable to food that was delivered via online.


Telecom Services-

The telecom services field has also been added to this new regulation of the Consumer Protection Act, 2019. So to get it into act, the addition of the word “ telecom” was done to the services.


These were the few more prominent sectors that were included in the 2019 Act and with the boom of the digital era, the rules and regulations regarding the consumer protection act gets very important so as to safeguard the needs and demands of the consumer.

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